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Two Brothers - Honda - M2/M5 Slip-On Exhaust

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  • Our M series exhaust canisters feature the highest level of quality construction and are designed to be fully serviceable in the event of damage (replacement parts are available)
  • The exhaust tone produced by all of our Top Level exhaust systems is best described as being deep and throaty without suffering from the shrill whine normally associated with other manufacturer’s straight through muffler canisters
  • All of the canisters perform and sound the same, they are simply different shapes
  • They all incorporate our exclusive technologies and premium construction materials
  • The shape and orientation is normally determined by our R&D department, based on a performance criteria check list
  • All aluminum systems include U.S. Forest Service approved spark arrestor


  Application Type Year Aluminum   Carbon Titanium
CBR250R M2 11 93-1260A 93-1260C 93-1260T
CBR600F2/F3 M2 91-98 93-1020A 93-1020C 93-1020T
CBR600F4 M2 99-00 93-1210A 93-1210C 93-1210T
CBR600F4i M2  01-07 93-1010A 93-1010C  93-1010T
    M5   - 93-1015C 93-1015T
CBR600RR M2 07-09 93-1070A 93-1070C 93-1070T
    M2  05-06 93-1060A 93-1060C  93-1060T  
    M5   - 93-1065C 93-1065T
    M2  03-04 93-1030A  93-1030C  93-1030T 
    M5   - 93-1035C 93-1035T
599   M2 04-06 93-1050A 93-1050C       93-1050 T
VFR750 M2 94-97 93-1130A 93-1130C 93-1130T
VFR800 M2 98-01 93-1200A 93-1200C 93-1200T
VFR800Fi M2 Dual 02-09 93-1171A 93-1171C 93-1171T
    C4 Dual   93-1172A 93-1172C -
CBR900RR M2 96-99 93-1110A 93-1110C 93-1110T
    M2 Flange-on 93-95 93-1120A3 93-1120C 93-1120T
919   C4  02-07 - 93-1220C -
    C4 Dual   93-1221A 93-1221C -
    C4 Dual Stash   93-1222A 93-1222C -
CBR929RR M2 Flange-on 00-01 93-1230A           - 93-1230C 93-1230T 
    M5 Flange-on   - 93-1235C 93-1235T
CBR954RR M2 Flange-on   02-03 93-1150A 93-1150C 93-1150T 
    M5 Flange-on   - 93-1155C 93-1155T
CBR1000RR Header Kit 08-11 93-109H - -
    M2   93-1090A 93-1090C 93-1090T
    M2 07 93-1080A 93-1080C 93-1080T
    M2 04-06 93-1040A 93-1040C 93-1040T
RC51 M2 D   02-06 93-1141A 93-1141C   93-1141T
    M5 D   - 93-1146C 93-1146T
    M2 D    00-01 93-1241A   93-1241C 93-1241T
    M5 D   - 93-1246C 93-1246T
VTR1000 M2 D All 93-1191A  93-1191C 93-1191T
    M5 D   - 93-1196C 93-1196T
CBR1100XX M2 D  All 93-1181A 93-1181C 93-1181T 
    M5 D   - 93-1186C 93-1186T
VFR1200F M2   10-11 93-1251A  93-1251C 93-1251T
    M5   - 93-1255C 93-1255T
ST1300 M2 D 03-'09 93-1161A 93-1161C 93-1161T
  • Model: W/93-1
  • Manufactured by: Two Brothers

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