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FMF is proud of it’s’ reputation as the pioneer of quiet performance mufflers.  Over 10 years ago, we were the only aftermarket exhaust company offering a quieter alternative, the “ISDE” silencers, for riders with a conscience who wanted lower sound levels.  That was 1995 and since then, 2-strokes have been displaced by more advanced, and unfortunately, much louder 4-strokes.  Seeing the writing on the wall, FMF has maintained its position as the industry leader of performance engineering focused on making 4-strokes quieter without making them feel like you’re riding a lawn tractor.

We introduced the original Q muffler in 2003, long before any competitor saw the need, and it was an immediate success.  With free flowing internal baffles and chambers, advanced multistage packing material and Hi-Flo endcaps, the Q made power while lowering the decibel output.

We raised the bar again with the second generation of Q series mufflers - the Titanium Q and Q2.  Built from the ground up, the Ti Q and Q2 are a completely new design, engineered for maximum performance while maintaining a sound level at or near 93dB on most models.  Both incorporate Factory Forward Engineering to move the muffler closer - centralizing the mass for improved handling characteristics.  The new Hi-Flo formed end cap reduces weight and is less prone to damage.  The premier Ti Q features titanium construction for strength, durability and weighs less than most moto mufflers.  This will be the industry standard for years to come.  The Q2 has an anodized aluminum canister and is lighter and quieter than the original Q.  All Q mufflers utilize a maintenance free USFS approved turbine type spark arrestor so there is no screen to clean or burn out.  The Ti Q and Q2 are the market leaders for low sound/high performance.

Loud and proud is not the way to keep riding areas open.  Less sound equals more ground.  Be part of the solution and take the noise out of riding, not the fun!


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